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  • humerous
  • motivated af
  • teamworker
  • fast learning
  • organized
  • flexible
  • empathic
  • creative
  • fun


  • figma
  • miro
  • google suite
  • procreate
  • webflow
  • illustrator
  • adobe
  • cinema4d
  • anything you need me to


  • plantlover (living in a jungle)
  • cat lady
  • perfectionist
  • cubing fanatic
  • weirdo
  • professional procrastinator
  • but still workerholic
  • crazy about champignon
  • good in sound effects
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  • leader of the online magazine of my university (format+)
  • study commission
  • student parliament
  • holiday care for children


  • plants
  • productivity tips
  • tech and gadgets
  • design obviously

Previous jobs

  • leader of format+
  • graphic design internships
  • UX internship
  • working student software compliance

Side Projects

Volunteer Work


I am the head of format+, the online magazine from the students of the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd. We publish design relevant content in different formats. You can read conventional articles, have a look at photo series or hear some interesting interviews in our podcast section.




In a 1-week-coding-workshop my team and I had to rethink and prototype a common UX pattern from scratch. We picked the text editor and applied various best-practices and new ideas. The coding was done in svelte.js. Creating new styles while selecting and editing some words? No Problem! Try it yourself :)

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BREAK in the journey of garbage – the trash leaves the homely ambient of the citizens of Schwäbisch Gmünd. Now it is at the mercy of extermination. BREAK in the aesthetics of the beautiful small town.

An evening-stroll through the town in times of COVID-19. Not a living soul in the alleys. What you get is mountains of trash.

Have a look


Visualization of a dataset of my choice with the help of Python and JavaScript. It had to be interactive without using any kind of ui elements. Every visible element on the screen had to be generated out of the dataset. My visualization concerns various parameters of 10.000 apps like ratings, reviews and many more. Thanks to the net diagram the user can choose which parameters should be shown and compared.

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