Charly – Cooking assistant for visually impaired


Visually impaired and blind people are not able or allowed to cook by themselves due to the high risk of dangerous situations.


Charly is a cookassistant equipped with cameras and speech technology to enable independent and riskless cooking for visually impaired who are not able or allowed to cook.

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Through interviews and market research we detected a lack of assistance for visually impaired people. There are many gadgets for little tasks, but no greater concepts for enabling independency.


After discarding the first approach of creating an assistance system for orientation and navigation in the outside world, we decided to dive deeper into the kitchen-problem we discovered. The visually impaired need to cook independently without the fear of getting any harm.


Sketch after sketch we became a way clearer vision of our final prototype. The challenge was to find a product that can fit in every individual kitchen without much effort of rearranging. We decided to create a modular system.


Charly is a personal cooking assistant equipped with five cameras for a 360° view and a talking AI to understand and operate appropriately. The user gets warnings, guidance and tips while cooking, without the fear of perilous situations.

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