moodle – redesign


Moodle is an app and platform for students and teachers. It is packed with features while being visually and conceptually user-hostile.


A userfriendly app for students of upper classes to enable easy and fast accomplishment of the daily school routines.

My Role


Time & Team

December 2020 - Januar 2021
Tobias Michaely
Yvonne Becker
Romy Munder


moodle dominates the market of online platforms for educational institutions. Some smaller competitors already tried to improve the UI and UX – but there is still a lot to do.


Surveys and interviews helped us to understand the real problems. That way we got a step closer to reinventing educational platforms.


We iterated and tested many wireframes in order to identify the right concept. The main goal was to flatten the information architecture and make everything easy and intuitive. The original moodle has too many hidden and unusable features we had to sort and decide what to do with.


moodle 2.0 is the best way to enable students of upper classes fast and easy accomplishment of daily school routines.

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