NOVA – Immersive exhibition


How to explain a topic that is a physical miracle and of which only one picture exists of – BLACK HOLES.


An innovative, understandable and immersive experience where the user can interact and explore the formation, anatomy, types and the death of black holes.

My Role

3D Modelling

Time & Team


Our team wanted to approach a topic we knew nothing of. Which better topic to choose than something in space. Black holes are a physical miracle and hard to explain in detail. Only one picture exists – so how could we possibly make an exhibition about black holes? – Challenge accepted!


After a huge research period we understood black holes and everything you would want to know about it. We narrowed down our target groups into experts and flâneurs. Our goal was to explain the formation, anatomy, types and the death of black holes immersively and interactively.


Through a huge iteration process we decided on a storyline and exhibition concept. Now we focused on details how to make the experience as wholesome as possible.


NOVA is an immersive and interactive exhibition. With animations and interactions the user is lead through an exciting storyline to understand different parameters and the whole concept of black holes.

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